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Just paid off our “big boy” 08’ Mustang! We’ve been diligent at makeing payments. We’ve been faithful to our commitment, now it’s time for me and my LOVE_LOVE to celebrate good credit, works and efforts. We did it! WOW



Gwen Stefani

shee sooo prettyy

Okay so I wasn’t planning on working out this morning. I already told myself last night I wouldn’t go! Well, this morning, three knocks on my bedroom door got me up! Honestly I was dreading to respond. So long story short, I told myself just do it! So, it didn’t know were we where going, until I got in the car,

Sissy (Saf): Let’s check out uncle David’s class in Makaha. 

Me: Sure… What kinds of workout does he do? 

Sissy: All kinds. Mainly legs…

Me: That’s exactly what I need to work on! Perfect!

We get there, there’s a crowd ready to workout. You know, Me trying to skye myself out. LOL. So, we warm up, I’m already feeling heavy, so my frustration starts kicking in. I’m trying to stay focus. Trying to keep on top my game. Then he lays out the stationary ground ladders. I’m like pssshhh, I got this, it’s like dancing! I know how to two step, three, four step.. I’m a quick learner. THIS IS EASY GIRRLLL!!! All of a sudden it’s my turn… My mind goes blank! The example I need to mimic goes out the door. My body won’t take off when I want it to start! There a three second delay. (and I won’t explain why) I start loosing focus. I was trying to find ways to help me catch on fast. I had NO foot work coordination, that I thought I had! It was so sloppy, to the point where I would start all over and try it again. I had to change it up! I quickly I look at everyone in the class and saw this girl Lehua, she was good. She had the full motion. She was whipping through the exercises. So, I moved myself from the back of the line to the front, behind her. One thing with me is, if I want to get better I need to be with the BEST. After being behind her, I wanted more. I was ready to get behind David, just so I could do it right. 

MY LOVE_LOVE is home, sucking guy didn’t even call me to give me a heads up… Gotta wrap it up. Gotta go… Have a wonderful day peps.

Omi out!


Heart Throbs- The Best of DC Romance Comics (1979)

—I’ve noticed for the past 4 months, the very first day of “nature torch-er” I tend to were white bottoms. (pants/skirts/shorts) 

—I accidentally cracked my Companies iPad screen.

—I tend to take my seat belt off 30-50 yards prior to final destination.

—My LOVE_LOVE hates it when I pick my boogers in front of him. It’s a total turn off for him. I do it purposely to see his face reaction. Priceless. -

—I can’t keep my hair down. My shit must go up. 


Soooo, I’m sure ALL ya’ll sale shoppers, already know that Charlotte Russe Waikele location is closing this month!

Here’s my game plan…

Went there three times total.

Once with my Friend, Second with my Mom, and Third by myself (last night (4/10) to be exact) LOL. So, I’ve decided to purchase anything and everything I wanted, because the Manager told me after asking her a thousand questions, to bring back my receipt and they’ll do a price adjustment for whatever the sale is at the time. I have 14 days from the date of purchase. The good thing about my plan is that I don’t need to bring in my items. All I need is my receipt. With that being said, I threw way my first receipt! DUMMY! For my second purchase I’ll be getting an extra 35% off which brings me to a total savings of $76.64 before taxes. So worth it! 

Believe me I won’t stop there, if I call again on Saturday and I hear the sale got even better, I’ll be at the register going at it one more time =)

The process is fun, cause I get to — you know, "throw it in the bag" The idea is to shop smart and to work the system. These day’s money is valuable, gotta work it.

All in all, I feel excited to put on my *new fashion items, I can’t wait! I’m sure it will really hit me, when I’m wearing it. At least I won’t feel guilty that I spent a lot of money for the quantity of items I bought. I’ll only have a chance to smile and give myself a pat on the back for a job well done. 

We just had too! Damn I’ll regret it in the morning! But for the moment cheers ;)

Well, for one thing, I’ve been reminded that hard work pays off. In my opinion school doesn’t teach you street smarts! Straight up! Use your intuition and common sense. Stare your impossibles in the face and conquer it!

This was the love of my life at one point. Actually I still have feelings ;)
"—Boys can be your inspiration but sometimes they are the cause of DEPRESSION!"